Window & Door Replacement

Replacing windows may be the fastest recouped dollars you can spend on your home. Energy inefficient windows and doors can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars per year.  Replacing them with energy efficient modern windows provides instant benefit.  Newer windows seal perfectly keeping your precious heating and cooling dollars where they belong, inside the house!  New windows and doors are also esthetically pleasing which adds beauty and value to your home.  New windows and doors fit perfectly and slide open and closed without the inconvenience of counter weights.  They are your best protection against the elements and your utility bill.

New doors and windows also provide added security.  Modern windows have built in double locks which are much harder to defeat from the outside.  Modern doors have much better locking systems than those made in earlier generations.  Older locks are vulnerable to “lock bumping” and other techniques that a burglar may employ.  It has now been learned that criminals seek out homes with older doors and windows for ease of entry.  Simply having a new door may be enough for your home to be passed over and keep your family safe.