Theaters & Wine Cellars

For a truly opulent experience, consider adding a home theater.  Imagine converting your dark unfinished basement into a professional movie theater Hollywood stars would be envious of.  You can add rich flooring, real elevated theater chairs and a home projection system complete with surround sound. There options for two seats for the whole family!  Many people are making fun additions such as a concession stand with classic looking popcorn machine.  For the true theater aficionado there really is no substitute.

A wine cellar is perhaps the most underutilized remodels offered today.  You have a safe to protect your cash and jewels and insurance to protect your car.  Why would you not have a wine cellar to keep your collection safe for years to come.  A cellar can be built to your specifications whether you have a few dozen bottles for a hobby or thousands for a serious collection.  It is the perfect way to store all your bottles in an area you can show them off to your fellow collectors or keep them tucked away for future generations.