Sunrooms & Additions

The most attractive place in any house is a sunroom.  These are the places memories are made.  The walls of windows and open feel are the next best thing to being outside, but without the mosquitoes! Recent studies show people that spend more time in indirect sunlight are healthier, happier and live longer!  These rooms are perfect for entertaining guests or spending time with family. It is a perfect place to unwind after work and catch up with loved ones.  A well appointed sunroom adds that touch of class we all long for in our homes.

Additions are the traditional way to add living space when a family grows.  The time of buying a new home with each new child has passed.  It is now far more economically sound to add to an existing home.  An extra bedroom and bathroom can be added so as to be almost invisible from the outside.  The best part is you can design the new rooms any way you like.  Rather than adding a nursery, why not put in a new master suite?  This will add value to your home and provide the comfort and luxury you deserve.