Interior Trim & Built-ins

There is a great way to add value to an existing home.  Adding some interior trim can make a significant difference.  The first recommendation is crown molding.  This classy addition was once reserved for the homes of the wealthy but now has spread to anyone that enjoys a little opulence in their home.  It looks great in kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms.  It compliments paint or wallpaper perfectly.   Available in a variety of shapes and colors it is the most versatile way to dress up a room.

Chair rail is a great way to add that little something to a living room.  A standard piece of trim halfway up a wall looks amazing.  It can also prevent paint scratches from furniture grinding against the wall.  By painting it an accent color it can change the whole look of the room.

Adding a built in cabinet or display case can really finish a room.  Displaying a your family treasures in a stylish way is the perfect finishing touch in a display theme.  Once complete, the built in cabinet looks like it was part of original construction.  This fists in with almost any décor but looks especially natural in antique or classic styles.